3D Modelling

Modelli geologici tridimensionali per la visualizzazione, l'analisi e l'interpretazione dei dati geologici

A study project for a new geological map of Italy in three dimensions

A structural model of Sheet 280, 1:50.000 scale—Fossombrone (Northern Apennines, central Italy) built using, in a first step, the digital elevation model combined with the new 1:50,000 scale geological map of the area to produce a 2.5D model which allows to show the relationships between topographic elements, geology and major structures. In a second step an in-depth model was constructed integrating a large amount of subsurface data with field data from the mapping project.

3D geological model

3D model of a sector of the South Scotia Ridge (Antarctica)

 Three-dimensional geological model showing a northern sector of the Scotia–Antarctica transform plate boundary. The model allows to visualize and helps to understand deep geological structures showing the deformation style of the continental–oceanic boundary, and of the oceanic crust nearby.

Scotia ridge

3D modeling using geognostic data

A methodological approach to organizing, integrating, and interpolating subsoil, mechanical (boreholes, penetration tests), and geophysical (seismic profiles, resistivity sounding) investigations for the construction of a three-dimensional geological model supported by geographical information systems and geostatistics.

A practical application concerning the lower Foglia river alluvial deposits (Northern Marche, Italy) was carried out to investigate the geometry of these sedimentary bodies.

This integrated approach offers many advantages for the understanding and in-depth visualization of the geometry of the deposits. Moreover, it allows for the acquisition of qualitative and quantitative information about hydrogeological settings, which is useful for water resources exploitation and protection.


Foglia river sections

The achieved goals are the design of a data management workflow for geo-lithological data, the construction of a three-dimensional geological model of the lower Foglia river alluvial plain, a comparison between the geological sections obtained from the model and those made in a traditional manual fashion, and, in addition, new stratigraphic and hydrogeological considerations about the study area.

Foglia river 3D